Online-only Registration

We are now offering Online-Only registrations for EAUN22. With an Online-only registration, delegates will have on-demand access to all EAUN22 content, including webcasts of the sessions and all scientific content.

Additionally, you will have live coverage from EAU22 (eUROauditoriums 1 and 2 and Green Room 1) and access to all the other EAU22 and EAUN22 content through the resource centres after the meetings have ended.

An Online-Only Registration is available for a much lower price than a regular registration and includes:

    • Access to EAUN22 content like webcasts during the meeting (these will be added to the EAUN22 Resource Centre on a regular basis)
    • Access to the EAUN22 Resource Centre for 3 years, containing all of the EAUN22 scientific content.
    • Access to a live stream of all EAU22 sessions held in eUROauditoriums 1 and 2 and Green Room 1
    • Access to all EAU22 on-demand content
    • Access to the EAU22 Resource Centre for 3 years.

Find the delegate fees here

Individual registration (Online Only)
Upon the completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please ensure your email address is up-to-date. You’ll be able to access the Virtual Platform from the homepage as of 01 June at 10:00 hrs.
For an Online-only registration:
Third-party/ group registration (Online Only) up to 40 participants
It is important that you register with your own personal MyEAU account. If you don’t have an account you can create one for free. No need to be an EAUN member! This way we know who to contact in case of any questions about the registration.
As soon as your registration has been processed we will send you your confirmation with invoice by email. Before registering your group (up to 40 participants), please read the Instructions. For groups making an Online-Only registration:

Changing your registration

Currently if you have an Online-Only registration, and would like to attend the July physical congress in Amsterdam, you can upgrade your Online-Only registration to an In-Person registration at no administration cost. Please note that starting the 2nd of May the late fee applies and starting the 2nd of June the onsite fee applies.

There is an administrative fee of €60.50 incl. VAT to change your type of congress registration from an In-Person registration to an Online-Only registration.

For all registration changes, you can send an e-mail to:

Cancelling your registration

If you would need to cancel your registration the current cancellation policy applies. You can find more information here.