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EAUN20 delegates: An exciting programme awaits you

Imagine an event so comprehensive that it covers core principles and current topics and debates in urological nursing. Not only will joining that event benefit you, but also the patients who are under your care. An event such as described does exist. Every year, the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN) organises its congresses to focus on the professional needs of urological nurses and other healthcare professions (HCPs). The upcoming 21st edition, EAUN20, in March 2020 will offer you current relevant scientific and practical updates.

What to look forward to
For a sneak peek at EAUN20, topic coverage will include doctor-nurse cooperation in daily practice from both points of view; nurse-led management of LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms); strategies for improving the quality of urology care, and plenty more.

Complementing the Scientific Programme, EAUN20’s Thematic Sessions will include new sessions of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) concentrating on endourology (i.e. coverage on stone disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and technologies such as robotics) and addressing skeletal issues in metastatic prostate cancer (PCa). And as you know, enuresis is prevalent among children and nocturia in middle-aged and older adults; and both conditions have a profound impact on the patients’ quality of life. At EAUN20, your know-how on the predictive factors, as well as, medical and non-medical management will increase. Additionally, you can further enrich your skills through workshops on antimicrobial resistance; sexual function; uro-oncology; palliative end of life urology care; continence care; the role of shared decision making; and patient education initiatives.

Nurses whose dedication is a source of inspiration, and whose contribution help boost the quality of nursing care will share their expertise in the Special Session “Best of urological nursing practice in Europe”. Their efforts have been recognised and will be awarded during the session as well.

Developments and controversies
The Plenary Session “Educational Framework for Urological Nursing (EFUN) (Curriculum) and the role of ANP” will centre on the development of the ANP role, which has advanced in a variety of ways across Europe. Experiences with the ANP role and the link to the current Guidelines will be shared with the audience, as well as, the progress with the development of an Educational Framework for Urological Nursing (Curriculum).

EAUN20 will also examine controversial topics such as the emerging role of genomic screening in treatment decision-making for PCa and bladder cancer.

Meeting current challenges
The influence of AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) on urological healthcare, and the long-term side effects of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) are some of the challenges that EAUN20 will address.
The congress will also investigate how to overcome difficulties in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer care.

In addition, EAUN20 will examine the ability of nurses to easily interpret the evidence-based findings that support current practice. The main challenge here is to meet the needs of patients who have high expectations of healthcare, whilst balancing it with the nurses’ ability to interpret current research, best practices, and the Guidelines.

Be part of this impressive lineup EAUN20 is designed to stimulate discussions with the latest evidence and practice updates in urological nursing. The congress will bring together an exceptional group of nurses and HCPs, and we would be very pleased to have you present your original research and valuable insights at EAUN20.

Submit your poster and/or video abstracts, research project plans, and difficult cases before the deadline of 1 December 2019. You will find submission details at

We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Save the dates: 21 to 23 March 2020.