The Meeting


Dear colleagues,

The successful meeting in Amsterdam this year, showed the added value that members gained from attending in person.  Those attending experienced the positive vibe and there was excellent feedback from everyone who attended.

So I am really looking forward to welcoming you, on behalf of the European Association of Urology Nurses, to Milan for the 23rd International EAUN Meeting in March 2023! We have prepared an exciting and informative three-day scientific programme for you, covering all the latest developments in urology nursing. With 3 Plenary sessions, 9 State-of-the-art lectures, 12 Thematic sessions, 2 Courses by the European School of Urology and much more, the annual EAUN Meeting has a packed scientific programme again.

This year features a keynote lecture from the Italian Association of Urology Nursing, and the collaborations with the British Association of Urology Nurses (BAUN), and the Australia & New Zealand Urological Nurses Society (ANZUNS) in the Educational Framework for Urological Nursing (EFUN).

We are also changing our evening dinner to Saturday night. This will be a chance for everybody to get dressed up and welcome new nurses to the congress. And also allow the board taking the opportunity to celebrate and thank nurses who have contributed to the EAUN over the previous year and to the congress. We will also be giving the ‘Ronnie Pieters Award’ out to the prestigious winner who has innovated in the field of urology nursing.

Join us at EAUN23 and learn from the best experts in the field of urology nursing. I am looking forward to see you in Milan at congress and Saturday night at our formal dinner!


– Paula Allchorne, EAUN Chair