General Information

For all General Information that is relevant to both the EAU Congress and the EAUN Meeting, please check the EAU website

Abstracts will be presented during the EAUN Virtual Meeting in a poster session and a video session. All abstracts will also be available online.

For the 21st EAUN Virtual Meeting scientific programme, we will apply for accreditation.

Best Posters
The presented best posters of the online Poster Session can be viewed in the Resource Centre after the meeting if a poster PDF has been submitted to the EAUN before the start of the annual meeting.

Certificate of Attendance
A Certificate of Attendance for EAUN21 Virtual can be printed as of Wednesday, 8 September 2021. You will need your registration number (below the barcode on your e-badge) to print the certificate.

Chairing a session
Kindly log in to the online session at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Kindly note that:
• Speakers should strictly observe timing.
• Discussants should first clearly state their name, institution and country of origin.

If a question is being asked, please note that the delegate should first clearly state his/her name, institution and country of origin.

All presentation slides, abstracts, posters and videos will be posted in the EAUN21 Resource Centre at:, provided there is permission from the presenter. The statements and the opinions featured in the presentations are solely those of the individual presenters and not of the EAUN.

Presenting a poster
Due to the restrictions that are in place due to the pandemic, there will be no poster boards this year. Posters will be shown digitally in the session room.

A maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides (including a title and conflict of interest slide) are allowed, and will be made available in the Resource centre of the meeting.

Disclose links to the industry: The EAUN Scientific Congress Office requests that you disclose to the audience any links you may have with the industry related to the topic of your lecture at the beginning of your session. A link can be: Being a member of an advisory board or having a consultancy agreement with a specific company.

Resource Centre
All scientific content of the meeting such as abstracts, posters, videos and slides will be available online in the  Resource Centre. Access the Resource Centre on the EAUN21 website using your MyEAU credentials.

Social Media
We are using social media at the meeting to encourage an open discussion on urology science and experiences at the meeting. EAUN meeting speakers, opinion leaders, delegates and media share their ideas, commentary and photos on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow the EAUN on Facebook via, Twitter via @EAUNurses and Instagram via @uroweb. Use #EAUN21 to discuss the meeting, and join the conversation!