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EAUN21’s top scientific content delivered by 50 leading experts

The upcoming 21st International EAUN Meeting (EAUN21) will remain Europe’s biggest urological nursing event that will centre on critical assessment of clinical practices and key research developments regardless of the online format. Restrictions may have been imposed due to the current COVID-19 situation but the EAUN’s pursuit for knowledge and offering this knowledge will endure. Mark 3 and 4 September in your calendars and join us!

What EAUN21 entails

This anticipated meeting presents the latest in science and education in various formats to suit the needs of all participants (e.g. continence nurses, stoma care nurses, oncology nurses, operating
room nurses, etc.).

EAUN21’s scientific programme will include plenary and specialty sessions, challenging state-of-the-art  lectures, poster sessions, thematic sessions and an ESU course. Expect nothing less than the newest and most relevant developments beneficial to your daily practice. Sessions may be compact but they will remain highly-informative, interesting and inspiring.

The programme is organised so that you will be able to attend all EAUN21 sessions and not miss out on the essentials.

The virtual meeting begins

EAUN21 will commence with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from EAUN Chair Ms. Susanne Vahr. This will be followed by bestowal of the prestigious Ronny Pieters Award to a urology nurse for her exceptional contribution in urology and to the EAUN.

Developments and controversies

The Plenary Session “Educational Framework for Urological Nursing (EFUN) and the role of ANP” will centre on the development of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) role, which has advanced in a variety of ways across Europe. Experiences with the ANP role and the link to the current Guidelines will be shared with the audience, as well as, the progress on the development of the EFUN. We highly encourage you to share your insights and participate in the lively discussions during this session.

Exciting programme content

You will be pleased to know that the Nursing Research Competition, the Difficult Cases, and the poster and video sessions will remain in the EAUN21 programme. Presenters will showcase their original research work which will comprise of lectures and videos. Afterwards, attendees will then ask their questions and discuss with the presenters directly.

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will present sessions on continence care, endourology (i.e. coverage on stone disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and technologies such as robotics), and skeletal issues in metastatic prostate cancer. EAUN21 will also feature two new topics: palliative and end-of-life care in urology and the effects of COVID-19 on urology care.

Courtesy of the European School of Urology, the new and highly-recommended ESU course on Peyronie’s disease will be scheduled at the end of the day. Peyronie’s disease and its management are interesting topics that are not typically discussed. Incorporating these in the programme adds to the dynamism of the meeting.

Before EAUN21 concludes, an award session will take place honouring the best in the poster session and research competition. Then the congress will conclude with the Annual General Meeting.  All participants are welcome and encouraged to attend this part of the programme as well. For an overview of the EAUN21 scientific programme, please visit

Special sessions

The Patient Information session on prostate cancer and Androgen Deprivation Therapy will now take place during the 36th Annual EAU Congress (EAU21) this July. A train-the-trainers workshop on the same topic will be organised separately. Please note that nurses that are registered for EAUN21 in September will have free access to EAU21, 8-13 July! Sessions that cannot be included in  the condensed EAUN21 programme will be incorporated in the education programme in the future.

Access to EAU21

Nurses and EAUN Members registered for EAUN21 are  automatically registered to EAU21. Make sure to register for EAUN21 before 7 July to be able to attend the Virtual EAU Congress for free!. Feel free to explore the EAU Congress’ scientific programme via

How to register

Keep an eye on the registration webpage of the meeting and sign up! If you register before 7 July you will also be able to attend the Virtual EAU Congress for free!
We look forward to welcoming you at EAU21 and EAUN21!