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Notice of support for public health care workforce

The EAUN Board wishes to express their solidarity to everyone around the world who is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a global health crisis that has and will continue to have, a wide-reaching impact on our health care delivery systems as well as on our professional and personal lives.

At this time, the EAUN Board wish to stand in absolute solidarity with all our patients, members and with every single nurse, doctor and health care support worker who is working night and day to limit the repercussions of this pandemic and providing care to those affected. Together we are making every effort we can to keep our fellow citizens safe as we go through this unprecedented event. As we experience the suspension of leave and bans on travel we cannot commend you our members, and fellow professionals highly enough for all that you do for us and our families.

We hope this epidemic will pass soon and that through the efforts of all of us the loss of life will be as small as it can possibly be. At this time the vital contribution of nurses is clearly visible and we salute you. Although individually we are only one person, together we are a powerful force for good and our individual efforts can make all the difference today