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EAU Patients Advocacy Group (EPAG)

The kick-off meeting of the General Assembly of the EAU Patients Advocacy Group (EPAG) took place at the 34th Annual EAU Congress in Barcelona. During this meeting, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patient advocates (PAs) shared their ideas, needs and knowledge and explored ways to collaborate.

What is EPAG?

EPAG consists of the following HCPs and GU cancer  patient organisation representatives:

  • Prof. Hein Van Poppel EAU Executive for Education
  • Dr. Mark Behrendt EAU Patient Information
  • Mr. Philip Cornford EAU Guidelines Office
  • Dr. Sara Maclennan EAU Guidelines Office
  • Dr. Joan Palou EAU Education Office
  • Mrs. Corinne Tillier EAU Nurses (EAUN)
  • Dr. Antonella Cardone European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)
  • Mr. Ernst-Günther Carl EUomo/Male GU Cancers (Prostate, Penis, Testis)
  • Mr. John Dowling EUomo
  • Dr. Rachel Giles International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC)
  • Dr. Lydia Makaroff World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC)

What does EPAG want to achieve?

EPAG’s objective is to increase and improve patient involvement in EAU activities, patient empowerment and engagement in the development, dissemination and impact assessment of guidelines and patient information and to support educational events for patients and PAs.

This joint effort is to draw from each other’s expertise in order to take on the challenges that come with expanding activities on a European level that have significant impact and force change in legislation, as well as the involvement of patients in clinical care, research and medical congresses in the field of oncology and non-oncology diseases.

“Joint efforts in improving cancer patient advocacy”

EPAG activities during the EAU Annual Congress In addition to developing the EAU PI scientific programme, bringing together PAs from across Europe in a Q&A session that is designed to create interaction between experts and patient advocates on any topic of their choice and the facilitation of a PA meeting point, are but a few activities deriving from this kick-off meeting.

To help set up the Q&A session, EPAG seeks collaboration with European patient advocacy groups (PAGs). You can help us achieve this goal.

If you are an HCP and want to contribute to this cause, you can do so by informing us of PAGs active in your country. Please send your e-mail to Ms. Esther Robijn, EAU Patient Information Sr. Coordinator,

By Esther Robijn and Patricia Chang, EAU Patient Information Office