Poster presentation

Important instructions for poster presenters

Please be aware that it’s mandatory that:
The submitter prepares a poster of the abstract according to the instructions for posters.

Presentation types

The format of the presentation depends on the session you chose to submit your abstract to:
• Poster Session: poster and pre-recording with discussion on stage
• Expert-guided Poster Tour: poster with discussion at the poster board


For guidance on how to prepare  your prerecording and make a good poster please check:

  • The “Poster Presentation Tool” on this page
  • Carefully read the “Presentation Instructions” on this page

Poster Session Prizes

For the posters that are presented on stage four prizes will be awarded, a First and a Second Prize for the Best Scientific Poster Presentations and a First and Second Prize for the Best Practice-development Poster Presentations of respectively €500 and €250. Prize winners have to be present at the award session on Monday (or send a representative) to accept their prize. If they are not present, the prize will be accepted on their behalf by a Scientific Committee member.

Important dates

1 September 2022 Abstract submission system open
1 December 2022 (8:30:00 CET) Deadline for abstract submission
December 2022 Abstract review and selection by the EAUN Scientific Congress Office members
23 December 2022 Outcome abstract selection available via the online abstract submission system. You will receive a notification by email
13 January 2023 Deadline to accept the invitation to present or withdraw the submission. Not withdrawn abstracts and accepted by the SCO will be published after this deadline
10 February 2023 Abstracts (full bodies) are available in the EAUN23 resource centre
30 April 2023 Abstract upload available via Wiley’s author portal for publication in the International Journal of Urological Nursing. Authors of the abstracts presented in the EAUN23 Poster & Video Sessions will receive a notification by email.



The EAUN is committed to the development of an ever expanding body of knowledge in urological care and to raising the quality of care provided to those we serve through two broad routes, namely research (the creation of new evidence via a formal research study, primary research) and practice development (the application of evidence to innovative / novel practice). We welcome abstracts from both of these inter-related areas as we value the importance of both equally, seeing them as critical to the development of our profession of nursing. Accordingly, you may enter abstracts under two broad categories; research method abstracts or practice-development abstracts.

Science-oriented (primary research) abstracts: Presentation of information in research abstracts follows the accepted research method process and can relate to both quantitative and qualitative research abstracts.

Practice development-oriented abstracts: Abstracts submitted here will present information/data on completed or ongoing practice-development initiatives or innovative urological nursing practices which are NOT part of a formal research study. Urological nursing occurs in many different areas and abstracts are welcome from all perspectives. In the abstract state the objective of the practice-development initiative, the process(es) undertaken, and any materials and methods used. Whilst abstracts about ongoing initiatives are welcome, it is necessary to include information on the way in which you will / have evaluated the impact and effectiveness of your initiative and its implication for practice.