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Digital help for ostomy care and incontinence

By Mr. Marcin Popiński

Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers in people. In about 75% of bladder cancer (BCa) patients, painless intermittent haematuria often occurs. Haematuria usually lasts for the whole miction. This was one of the focal points of Thematic Session 2: Supportive care for patients with a urostomy.

When the male patient hears the diagnosis, he may feel terrified with many thoughts running through his mind: Is cystectomy necessary? How long will I stay in hospital? Will I have to use a stoma bag for the rest of my life? After the surgery, the patient may be confused with the changes in his body. He may feel daunted by problems regarding body acceptance and sexual dysfunction, for example. He will not be sure if anything that worries him is normal or not.

Imagine the patient has access to an app dedicated to ostomy, which is an innovative treatment model that offers remote assistance for ostomy and incontinent patients. Such an app actually exists and the main features of the app include encrypted audio/video calls, report memorisation and secure photo backup, clinic geolocalisation, therapeutic plan monitoring, support booking, and shift management.

In my opinion, this app would be very helpful for patients by giving them empowerment, easier adjustment to their situation, improved quality of life, and reduction of complications.