Submit a Research Plan

EAUN Nursing Research Project Competition

‘Share your research with an international audience’

The EAUN invites their members to submit a research plan on a topic relevant to urology, continence nursing or a related field.
Do you have an idea for a project that will…

  • Improve the quality of your daily work in urology care
  • Turn a new or unique aspect of nursing care into a research project
  • Evaluate developments which have taken place in your urological field
  • Turn practical clinical issues in nursing into a research project to help resolve them
  • Or do you have a small practical project which you would like to develop into a research project

… then we invite you to submit a research plan for the EAUN Nursing Research Competition.

The EAUN is looking to support your nursing research!

All the projects of the nominees will be discussed in a scientific session, thus creating the possibility for all participants to learn from other projects, through feedback and discussion. The winner will be chosen by the jury after the session and will receive € 2,500 to start his or her research project. We hope that many of you will use the opportunity the EAUN presents to you. Remember, also small research can change the urological nursing world!


To inspire and help you previously submitted plans can be viewed at EAUN website


Eligible participants have to comply with the following rules:

  • Only EAUN Members can submit a research project (Interested to become a member? Check this page)
  • The project has not started at the time of submission
  • The research and the presentation have to be done by an EAUN member. We welcome projects from all our members e.g. CNS, nurse practitioner or research nurse, physician assistant or physiotherapist in any field e.g. urology, continence, oncology, any educational level, e.g. graduate, master, PhD student and working in any facility, ward, outpatient clinic, theatre, research, etc. !
  • The topic selected must be of relevance to urologic nursing
  • The results of the prize-winning research project will be published in European Urology Today and on the EAUN website and the winner is invited to submit an abstract for the next International EAUN Meeting.
  • Print the instructions on the following page: Complete rules for Research Competition Submission


  • Submission deadline: 1 December 2020.
  • All submitters will be informed by email on: 23 December.


The prize for the Best EAUN Nursing Research Project is € 2,500.


  • Bente Thoft Jensen, Århus, Denmark (Senior Researcher, Århus University Hospital)
  • Veronika Geng, Lobbach, Germany (Nursing Scientist)
  • Jerome Marley, Belfast, Ireland (Research Theory Teacher)
  • Michael Borre, Århus, Denmark (Professor, senior consultant, Dept. of Urology, Århus University Hospital)

Research mentors

To support nurses in the process of developing a Nursing Research Project Plan two research mentors are available to answer your queries: Ms. Corinne Tillier, and Ms. Franziska Geese, respectively Chair and Member of the EAUN Scientific Congress Office.

For more information please contact: