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EAUN24 meeting highlights

Here is a summary of highlights from the 24th International Meeting of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN24) that was held in Paris last month. Below you can catch up on some of the key lectures and engaging discussions that took place, including the updated intermittent catheterisation guidelines that were released at the meeting. Also, check out the award winners, and event photos.

Plenary Session 1
After delegates were welcomed by representatives from the EAU, EAUN, and the French Urology Nurses Association, Dr. Reinders led a session on the importance of interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in urology. His lecture focused on understanding the significance of IPC, identifying challenges in urology practice that require collaboration, enhancing proficiency through IPC principles, and fostering IPC within clinical settings at various levels. These insights provided delegates with a framework for advancing their IPC strategies. You can watch the webcast of Dr. Reinders presentation here.

Who won an award at EAUN24?
The EAUN Annual Meeting offered a distinguished platform to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding individuals whose contributions have significantly advanced the field of urology care. Read the article with all the award winners and take a look in the EAUN Award winners gallery.

New update for the EAUN Guideline intermittent catheterisation was released 
EAUN24 delegates received an important intermittent catheterisation guideline update, which included indications, contraindications, benefits, and risks of the different types of catheters and revised definitions. Catheter selection and materials were discussed, and special attention was paid to the prevention, identification, and management of catheter-related complications. Training, support and empowerment of patients and caregivers was also included, as well as the latest research on quality of life and patients’ perspectives. You can view the updated EAUN Guideline intermittent catheterisation here.

Poster sessions chaired by Mattia Boarin (IT) and Marcin Popiński (PL)
Over 50 abstracts were submitted this year, and the posters were of high quality. Some key topics this year included sex differences in UTI symptoms and the worries affecting QoL, bladder function recovery training for neurogenic dysfunctions, and interventions for non-invasive BCa patients. Other studies focused on preoperative education and survivorship care in PCa, with a particular focus on addressing rural disparities through nurse-led virtual care. Urinary catheterisation practices among nurses in Sweden were shared with delegates, and interventions for intermittent self-catheterisation. Also, surgical interventions for PCa and the effects of vacuum erectile devices on erectile function were examined. The poster location in the networking area invited much discussion amongst the viewers. You can watch the webcasts of each poster presentation here.

How to break the taboo of discussing sexuality?
Sexuality was an important topic at this meeting. Marieke Dewitte gave a very inspiring lecture on sexual health, making clear that men and women experience sexuality in very different ways with only about 30% of women reach an orgasm during sex against > 70% of men. Helen Attard-Basson addressed erectile dysfunction in men in relation to disease or comorbidity, including the treatment options like pills, pump, and injections. Also, Rebecca Martin spoke about sexuality in women in relation to BCa and cystectomy, which gets little attention within urology.

Important skills learnt during the flexible cystoscopy hands-on training
Delegates had the opportunity to fine tune their technique, as well as gain knowledge and confidence in the flexible cystoscopy. The participants gained a lot from this course. Read some of the feedback from participants:

  • “The workshop was fantastic with high calibre speakers/facilitators”
  • “Great overview, wonderful to be exposed to equipment and practice”
  • “Practical component was excellent with a good number of participants”
  • “Speakers were very experienced in their practical skills, and engaging presentation”

Courses by the European School of Urology
The course on Sunday focused on nursing and andrology. Dr. M. Dinkelman discussed the psychological impact and role of doctors and nurses in discussing infertility and ejaculatory function with Prof. A. Muneer (photo). In the second course, Guidelines panel members Dr. G. Pignot, Dr. Y. Abu Ghanem, and EAUN board member Dr. J. Alcorn presented on diagnostic and treatment options for RCC, including Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor and immunotherapy in localised and metastatic disease scenarios. But it wasn’t just about treatments; discussion also included the holistic approach to patient care, such as insights into counselling patients during treatment and guiding them towards positive health in the recovery phase.

The Annual Nurses’ Dinner & Ronny Pieters Award
Hosted at the iconic La Coupole in Montparnasse, the Annual Nurses’ Dinner provided a unique opportunity to catch up with colleagues and meet the EAUN Board, Scientific Committee and Special Interest Group members. A highlight of the evening was Dr. Hanny Cobussen-Boekhorst (NL) receiving the prestigious Ronny Pieters Award. Congratulations!

EAUN24 photos
Take a look through this album to see the general impressions from the meeting with photos showcasing three days of learning, collaboration and networking at its best!

Next year we will celebrate the 25th Jubilee of the EAUN Annual Meeting. We look forward to welcoming you in Madrid!