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My impressions and experience of EAUN21 sessions

Attending the virtual 21st International EAUN Meeting (EAUN21) was an enjoyable and a highly-informative experience. I found the virtual platform easy to use with a clear, short and comprehensive layout. I could find everything of interest and easy to navigate around, to get where I needed to be. Attending lectures in virtual rooms 1 and 2 went great; it was easy to get in and out (to check the programme for example), and joining the rooms again.

The programme was good this year and there were a number of sessions I wanted to attend.  There was definitely something for everyone, no matter in which area of urology you practice.

To keep the presentations compact (shorter lectures with multiple speakers) was a good choice. The presentations were still informative and interesting. Personally, I find that longer presentations by only one speaker at a time do not work for me as I cannot focus for too long.

My compliments to the Chairs and speakers. The lectures were well-presented with slides that were clear and educational. In spite of some glitches here and there, the speakers recovered immediately and got on with the job.\

I found that some sessions were rather rushed, and at the end of some sessions, such as the abstract and video sessions, there was not enough time for questions. I understand the need to finish on time, but perhaps less sessions and more time for questions. This is an opportunity that we have once a year to communicate with each other, discuss and ask questions. I did get a valuable tip from a speaker and discovered how the virtual platform allows you to contact a speaker directly, which was not too complicated at all.

Although the virtual version of the meeting was excellent, nothing beats onsite, live chat and discussion in and outside the sessions. Hopefully, this is the case for EAUN22 which will take place in Amsterdam next year!

Overall, the EAUN21 meeting was a well-organised and informative virtual meeting. I certainly enjoyed it!

By Mrs. Sallian Wildeman, RN, Franciscus Gasthuis (NL)