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20 March 2023

Digital help for ostomy care and incontinence

By Mr. Marcin Popiński Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers in people. In about 75% of bladder
20 March 2023

EAUN23 highlights: Sexual function and conditions of the penis

By Mrs. Jeannette Verkerk-Geelhoed The 23rd International EAUN Meeting (EAUN23) delivered a myriad of current best practices and relevant developments
20 March 2023

EAUN23 puts the spotlight on BCa: The forgotten cancer

By Mr. Robert McConkey Despite being a top 5 most commonly diagnosed cancer in Europe, bladder cancer (BCa) has been
20 March 2023

Session recap: Adapting follow-up kidney cancer patients’ needs

By Dr. Jason Alcorn What a fantastic conference with each day offering a sumptuous feast of quality presentations and thought-provoking
20 February 2023

Videos: Hints and tricks for presenters

If you’re presenting an abstract at EAUN23, why not prepare yourself with these three short videos by our expert on
06 December 2022

EAUN23: Changing how we think and deliver healthcare

30 September 2022

EAUN23: Experience the full breadth of urology nursing

Milan will host the 23rd International EAUN meeting (EAUN23) from 11-13 March 2023, and as part of the EAUN’s objective
30 September 2022

Mr. Jerome Marley wins prestigious Ronny Pieters Award

A highlight from day one of the 22nd International EAUN meeting (EAUN22) was the announcement of Mr. Jerome Marley (GB)
30 September 2022

MR-Linac: Especially useful in prostate cancer treatment

I was invited to discuss the promising new radiotherapy MR-Linac by the EAUN Special Interest Group on Prostate Cancer for
29 September 2022

Thought-provoking session about post-RALP rehabilitation

Amsterdam 2022 was my first experience of attending the EAUN congress. I feel honoured that the EAUN selected me for
28 September 2022

The perioperative urology nurse from a UK perspective

The advanced nursing role in urology is currently a popular topic, which was also discussed at EAUN22 in Amsterdam. There
11 July 2022

And the winners are…

EAUN22 was full of excitement in Amsterdam with the announcement of several special awards, including the prestigious EAUN22 Ronny Pieters
07 April 2022

EAUN22’s robust in-depth programme